Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Joe Bageant: The Stockholm Syndrome of the Soul

This interview with Joe Bageant comes from episode 149 of the C-Realm Podcast and was ably and kindly transcribed by Carol B.

KMO: You are listening to the C-Realm podcast. I am your host, KMO, and I’m joined here in the C-Realm by Joe Bageant. He is the author of a book called ‘Deer Hunting with Jesus’ and he is also somebody with one foot in our so-called industrialized First World, and another foot in a happier, more relaxed, and more peaceful so-called Third World, or what Albert Bates calls the Two-Thirds World.

Joe Bageant, welcome to the C-Realm podcast.

Joe: Well, hello, KMO. Good to be here.

I have placed this interview in the Kindle Direct Publishing Lending Library. While there, it cannot be available in electronic edition anywhere else, so I have removed the interview from this blog. Once the exclusive 90 period has ended, I will restore this interview. 



Swamp Yankee said...

Really great interview KMO and Joe. Keep Smiling! ; )

Anonymous said...

What is the Kindle Direct Publishing?

Anonymous said...

Ok found it - never mind!